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We just love to read the wonderful emails from our customers. And the pictures sent of your favorite Teddy all dressed up make all of us here at Teddy Bear Clothes smile all day long!

Keep those wonderful emails coming and also those fabulous pictures!

We thank you for sharing with us and we truly appreciate all of our customers!

N.D. Wednesday January 27, 2016
Just got my order today and was very pleased.It was a pleasure doing business with your company and look forward to doing more in the future.
Rise Sunday September 27, 2015
Did you know that September 9 every year is National Teddy Bear Day?

Just Goggle it and see!
From: Oregon
T.S. Thursday March 27, 2014
We just received my 4 year old daughter's clothes for her favorite and one and only "Teddy" and I just can't thank you enough for bear putting a huge smile on her face as well as ours! They are perfect and just adorable! Great quality and they look amazing in person! Thank you so so much! We can't wait to shop for more new outfits in your site!
From: Springfield NJ
T.M. Thursday March 27, 2014
I wanted to let you know my package arrived today. Thank you so much for getting my order to me so quickly.
You were a pleasure to work with. I won't hesitate to order from you again for any of my teddy bear needs!
From: Old Lyme, Ct
K.H. Monday April 15, 2013
Thank you so much for the quick shipping and the adorable clothes! I now have the best-dressed bear! I absolutely love all the items I received and I am so happy with the great quality. Thanks again!
From: N.C.
S.H. Saturday March 16, 2013

I recently ordered a sweater for my daughters 26 year old LeMutt dog. He was in sad repair, barely held together by a thread. After spending a month restoring him I wanted a way to protect his body from further wear (yes she still sleeps with him). I searched the internet and found your company. I was apprehensive at first but I figured I would take a chance. I was blown away today when I received the sweater (and thank you for the fast service, four days from order to receiving). It is darling, the quality is outstanding and it fits him perfectly. She will be thrilled when she sees him. Thank you for providing exactly what you said you would.
Lianna Friday August 31, 2012
I LOVE bears, one in particular: Silly Bear. I've had her since I was a baby, I still love her as a sixth grader.I was looking at clothes for her and I found your site, I looked around for more than an hour.I love your clothing styles.My mom always says I pick out the best outfits, I want to design Teddys' clothing like you guys do!
From: redlands CA
erin Sunday May 6, 2012
Back again, just to say how thrilled my bears are with their snazzy clothes from your site. They are the best dressed bears in the state, and they look so handsome when they go on vacation. Sweaters for the winter, tees for the summer, and even ties for special occasions. Who doesn't love a sharp dressed bear?
From: Massachusetts
Erin Saturday August 13, 2011
I just wanted to thank you for providing such great clothing for bears. They are all so cute and the quality is wonderful-especially the handmade sweaters! Special bears deserve special clothes. Also, the service was incredibly fast ordered on Wednesday and received Friday! and the gift of the extra Santa sweater was very generous. Glad to know there are so many other "bear people" out there!
Thanks again,
From: Massachusetts
Pam Sunday July 10, 2011
I'm so happy I found this site. You have the most darling bear clothes. I just made my second purchase and can hardly wait to get them. My bear looked so cute in her 4th of July dress. Thank you so much for the extra outfit, it'll be perfect for one of my little bears. I'm sure I will be back soon for more beautiful bear dresses.
From: California
Geri K Burkheimer Friday October 29, 2010
Thank you!! I received my second set of sweaters today - I am so pleased!! I do not have teddy bears, but I do have 4 small Yorkies - 3-8 pounds. These sweaters fit perfectly! They keep them so warm and the pups WANT to wear them. They do not yet wear them out - they wash and wear very well. I think I have about 32 of your sweaters now with more on the way. Thank you!!

Geri Burkheimer
From: central Illinois
Theresa Thursday October 14, 2010
Thank you, Vera, once again for the beautiful bear clothes, and for the extra Xmas t-shirt. As always, cute, cute and cute! I am extremely happy with the clothes Iíve ordered, which is why this is, what, my third order, with more to come!

Thanks, Vera!

From: California
Theresa Thursday August 12, 2010
I received my order, and oh my gosh, the clothes are just the cutest! Thank you for the bunny slippers! Everything is just a tad big, but still good enough to fit, AND good enough for me to place another order!

From: California
Renee Friday May 21, 2010
Hi Vera,
I am late in writing this, but I received the teddy bear clothes and they are adorable! The quality is so much better than other clothes I looked at.
I hand-make sock monkeys and someone requested a pilot and a cowgirl. I explained that I DO NOT sew clothes (!) but that I would find outfits if she wanted to pay for them. She agreed, I ordered the outfits...and they turned out to be really cute! Because they are bear clothes they fit a little differently, but it still worked.
Thank you so much for getting them to me so quickly. I will definately keep your website in mind if I need other outfits. You have the best selection and great prices.
Again, thank you.

Jerry Friday November 6, 2009
I received my order yesterday and it was awesome! Thank you so very much for the extra sweater. I work at very special, Magical place in, Lake Buena Vista, Florida and we in our department are dressing bears to give to abused and underprivledged children. I dressed 10 bears and ordered 4 outfits from you and loved everyone of them!
I am probably going to order more for my friends and family for Christmas, the Yankee outfit was perfect timing with the World Series, and the detail of each outfit was incredible.
As we move forward, I will do what I can to share your website with my friends and family.
Adding an extra outfit was a very special touch and I appreciate your gesture, as that will clothe another bear for a special child.
It's sort of like pay it forward.
Take care, and Happy Holidays!
From: Florida
Natalia Monday August 10, 2009
Thank you very much for quick shipping and for the gifts. My bears just love their new clothes!
From: Houston
H. D. Monday August 10, 2009
Hello Teddy Bear Clothes people. : ) I have just recieved my order and would just like to compliment you on your wonderful products and how swiftly my order was recieved. I love the outfits I've purchased and they look great mix and matched with the clothes I already had for my Teddy. I've attatched some pics of my Teddy. I'm sure you'll recognize the items you sent to me. : ) Thank you again and deffinetly expect more purchases from me. : )

P.S. Thanks for the extra gift you sent with my order. You'll notice that the sweater you sent as a gift goes great with a pair of green pants I already had.
From: New York
S.C. Tuesday July 7, 2009
Thank you so much for the rapid shipping. They arrived today, just in time for the birthday day! The clothes are so cute!
From: Utah
H.K. Friday April 3, 2009
Just received my order and want to express my gratitude and satisfaction with the products. Both me and the bear are very happy.:-) Have a nice weekend! Best wishes Henrik and a happy bear
From: New York
D.C. Tuesday March 3, 2009
He looks so spiffy in his new suit!!!!!
From: USA
Kim Wednesday October 15, 2008
Thank so much for the sweaters. They arrived yesterday and I am so pleased with them! They are really cute. You have such a nice website also, I meant to tell you that before. I will be back to buy from you again. Thanks for being such a great seller. Have a good day. Kim
Kelly Thursday September 25, 2008
Wow! This is the cutest site ever for Teddy Bear Clothes! I'll recommend it to everyone!
From: Dallas TX

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