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Adopt An Elf-
Adopt An Elf
Santa's Puppy-
Santa's Puppy
Assorted Color Aviator Sunglasses-
Assorted Color Aviator Sunglasses
Shorts and Shades Outfit-
Shorts and Shades Outfit
USA Flag Bandana-
USA Flag Bandana
Polar Bear Hat for Children-
Polar Bear Hat for Children
Pink Bear Hat for Children-bear hat for children
Pink Bear Hat for Children
Bunny with Flowers Parosol Umbrella-
Bunny with Flowers Parosol Umbrella
Bunny Ears-
Bunny Ears
Fleece Scarf for Teddy Bears-
Fleece Scarf for Teddy Bears
EMT Bag-
Checkered Cap for Teddy Bears-
Checkered Cap for Teddy Bears
Mom Apron-
Mom Apron
Mini Lady Bug Wings-
Mini Lady Bug Wings
Christmas Mouse-
Christmas Mouse
I Love New York slippers-
I Love New York slippers
Teddy Bear Angel Socks-
Teddy Bear Angel Socks
Heart Socks for bears-
Heart Socks for bears
Hat and Scarf set-
Hat and Scarf set
CandyCane Tie for teddy bears-
CandyCane Tie for teddy bears
Blizzard the Snowman-
Blizzard the Snowman
Santa Christmas Hat for 15 inch bear-
Santa Christmas Hat for 15 inch bear
Celebration Sequin Bows for Teddy Bears-
Celebration Sequin Bows for Teddy Bears
Red Backpack for teddy bears-
Red Backpack for teddy bears
Out of Stock
Santa Christmas Hat for 8 inch bears-
Santa Christmas Hat for 8 inch bears
Assorted Color Neck Cord Sunglasses-
Assorted Color Neck Cord Sunglasses
Cape and Mask Black with Gray-
Cape and Mask Black with Gray
Bow Ties for teddy bears-
Bow Ties for teddy bears
Teddy Bear's White Blanket-
Teddy Bear's White Blanket
Valentines Teddy-
Valentines Teddy
Parasol for teddy bears-
Parasol for teddy bears
Out of Stock
Fanny Packs for Teddy Bears-
Fanny Packs for Teddy Bears
Everyday Fun Handbag-
Everyday Fun Handbag
Camo Backpack-backpack, camo
Camo Backpack
Girls Pink Backpack-
Girls Pink Backpack
Blue or Red Bandana for Teddy Bears-
Blue or Red Bandana for Teddy Bears
Pink Stroller with Canopy for Teddy Bears-
Pink Stroller with Canopy for Teddy Bears
Personalized Teddy Bear Collars-
Personalized Teddy Bear Collars
Pink Blanket for Teddy Bears-
Pink Blanket for Teddy Bears
Cupid's  Bow & Arrow Set-
Cupid's Bow & Arrow Set
Grandma's Secret Spot Remover-
Grandma's Secret Spot Remover
Happy Mother's Day Sash-
Happy Mother's Day Sash
Happy Valentine's Day Sash-
Happy Valentine's Day Sash
Teddy Bear Carriers-
Teddy Bear Carriers
teddybearclothes@hotmail.com teddybearclothes@hotmail.com

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