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Kelly's Teddy Bear is ready for Halloween! How adorable!
Thank you Glenna and Kelly for sharing this with me
 and our customers at Teddy Bear Clothes!



Thank you so much for making such wonderful clothes for bears! Christmas is our most favorite time of the year and we were so happy to be able to purchase such adorable Christmas sweaters for our adorable bears. I have attached a picture of our bears with their Christmas sweaters on. 
Deuce & Jen 

All the way from Tokyo! Thanks Jean!
I bought two outfits last year and was thrilled with them.My panda Andy has waited patiently for months to able to
wear his new Easter outfit. Here he is.
 We live in Tokyo and he's the best dressed panda in the city!

panda2 GetAttachment.aspx

Thanks to Elizabeth for this adorable picture of Tomas with his tuxedo dressed teddy bears! The perfect outfit to dress up teddy for wedding and special events!

tuxedos   hatNtails_noHat
Thanks so much to the Ortons for sharing with us their mascots, Miss Piggy and Kermit dressed up in their Halloween attire. So far we have seen them dressed up for the 4th of July, Christmas and now Halloween! You will find more pictures of them below!
Witch Piggy and Kermit the Bog Frog
Thanks again for fast service and great merchandise! Looking forward to his and hers Pilgrim attire and accessories for Thanksgiving.
Regards, Steve and Maureen Orton
I was so happy to find your web site just in time to purchase this cute dress for my bear for 4th of July. I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I enjoy dressing my bear with your beautiful clothing.
Thank you so very much, Pam
Again we are delighted with your service and the quality of our purchase.
Here is a photo of our mascots, ready to lead the Fourth of July Parade!
Regards - Steve and Mo


Thanks so much Steve and Mo for sharing this wonderful picture! They will be the hit of the parade!


Darth Vader and Jedi !

Thanks to Wendy for sending us a photo of her favorite teddy bear in the Star Wars series Darth Vader and Jedi! See the pictures below:



Meet Webster


Hi, Vera ... Thanks so much for the speedy service in sending along the pilot's outfit for my dog, Webster.  I have attached a photo of him in his outfit.  He will be a HUGE HIT in the Dog Parade this weekend.  I'm soooooo excited I can hardly breathe!  Thanks again for your wonderful service!  Sincerely, M.G.


We know our customers are the nicest people and this photo will show the wonderful selection of bears wearing our sweaters that one of our customers donated to the Salvation Army at Christmas time!

To Susan in Virginia....thank you for your caring and generosity!



Ms. Cartier,

We are delighted with your service and the quality of the items we purchased.  As you will see in the attached photo, they are not exactly on Teddy Bears, but they are perfect.  We will be year-round customers until our little pets are well-dressed for all occasions. 
Feel free to use this photo if it suits your purposes.
Regards,  Steve and Maureen Orton




Thanks to Geri for sharing this adorable picture of her Yorkies in our Teddy Bear Sweaters! They are so darn cute!


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