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Teddy Bears give unconditional love

There can be no doubt at all of the importance to almost every child of teddy bears. Whether it is actually a bear, or some other creature, real or imaginary, every child needs some sort of private confidant that they know will always be there for him or here. They don't judge, they don't say 'no', they don't argue back and they love you just as you are. Every child knows that at the end of the day, when they go to bed, their teddy bear will be waiting for them, right there by their side, and that when he or she wakes in the morning, their teddy bear will be the first one to greet them.

Everybody loves a cute stuffed bear! Adults love them as much as children!

 I'm sure that you are aware that the affection for these cuddly, colorful stuffed animals transcends the barrier of age or sex. The fact that stuffed bears are used as decorations in the homes of senior citizens as well as in kids' bedrooms is common knowledge.

Having a cuddly teddy bear to come home to at the end of the day is so comforting. Whatever else may have gone wrong in your world, you know that your beloved Teddy Bear loves you no matter!

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